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Released by Bastard Sloth Records bastardsloth.storenvy.com/products/725304-us


released November 10, 2012

Recorded by Us, March 2012-October 2012
Brendan Ellis & Zach Bukowski



all rights reserved


Us Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Intro
Inhale deeply and follow these steps to achieve some next level shit you've heard of:
Blast these tunes, crack open some brews...
Take it from me, if you hold your breathe, it'll blow your mind.
Track Name: Bukowski Magic
With the age you've gained from never taking a chance like I have doesn't give you the right to judge my life. It's not like you're doing much better.
Familiar memories that we once shared now seem as though they never happened at all and that's fine with me.
With the age you've gained from never taking a step out your front door...it makes your voice dry, your words unheard. A wallflower without any perks.
This is just a test to see if you're listening and paying attention to every single word I sing and what I actually mean. Or are your ears that full from hearing the years of bullshit you've put up with to play the game.
I still believe I'm made out of gunpowder and steam engines and innovations of modern marvels. And you could know exactly what i mean without any sly movement of the tongue. Unless you could stand the moisture that it would bring to those parts of you where only these words can affect.
Track Name: 80's Night
My feet are too drunk to remember the steps they know, still they pretend it's a different decade where our style doesn't matter at all. And when I hear that call, I know it won't be my last cause my fridge is full with my native tongue and my gums are so numb. I don't want to go home alone tonight cause it might be the worst thing for me to wake alone in the morning.
Imagine the possibilities: Our shapes could collide, or match up perfectly. Let the fates decide how this night will end up in my room or in the parking lot. This could take awhile, make sure not to sneeze, Oh my god, awhile. At least it's guaranteed.
There's an inviting bed waiting for me and maybe you to rest your willing head, and close your eyes and wake in the morning with little regret.
I can impress you with my knowledge of foreign histories and the geographies of famous deeds and those who achieved them and made them important to you and me, but it won't ever compare tonight.
Could tonight ever stand a chance anyway? Cause it's just a night just like. And who knows, if our feet aren't too fucked up or stoned to make it home. So let's break some promises with these drunken lips.
Imagine the possibilities: Our shapes could collide, or match up perfectly, this could take awhile, or you might be easy, and you might be the one to take my pants off me and place me on my side, so I don't end up like John Bonham tonight.
Track Name: Slippery When Ditka
Everything you've loved about this place won't ever change as long as you remember it's the things you do, I still can't remember the directions to places that used to be where we were, and the things we did there. I've forgotten all the small things that made these places unique to me and you.
And all those things your parents told you won't always come true, and you know it's the things you do, I still can't remember all the reasons why when I called in the middle of the night, too drunk to drive, you'd still be my ride.
You are the reason I lost my keys (I lost my grip but never let go) and missed the breeze of the summer air you were breathing from your bony skinned knees. And the waves that crashed into me so I couldn't see (and I found) my way home. Wipeout.
This is why there's still a reason for you to believe things could change and get better for us. And I want you to know I loved you more than I ever loved myself and that's not saying much. I wish I could be as high as when we both realized the feeling's still mutual.
You might be the octopus' garden or the girl with diamonds in her sky,
but that road was too long and winding and analogies run out as time goes by.
I've grown on the knowledge I'm an asshole, but there's still hope, at least that's what coach told me.
Track Name: Roody Poo Candy Ass
These streets we walk on will crumble under the stress we carry under our tongues and the weight we hold in the syllables we let out. So much talking, and it's so loud. Maybe loud enough to drown out all the sounds we don't need a language to make.
I was right before until you told me otherwise. I tore down these walls that you built, those bricks were stacked so softly.
There are things you can't take with you. Isn't that always the case? I felt like I could ride forever, I wish I could've kept the nerve to love and forget all the shitty things and to forgive and remember there's more to life than these petty issues, but I'm only human and my pride takes more than 10 months to recover and feel there's room to clear the air.
It ends up like this every time because you shout and wave your arms and pout and stomp your feet like a baby. And throw your tantrums as if anybody cares, you won't be a footnote, you won't be anything.
Was it worth it in the end? Cause I'm still here swinging.
Was it worth it in the end? Cause i"m still here singing.
Track Name: The Tappy Song
Do you ever feel the same as you did back when we met in the park, after work? In the dark, we swing the best.
When I run my fingers through the air, it always feels like there's something missing. Maybe the strands of your hair or the fibers of your being.
Anywhere, everywhere. The music will always sound the same. It's just your ears that will change from the lake effect where you've been living.
I wasn't joking when I said this shit all sounds the same just like my apologies you've heard a thousand times before.
When will we all wake up and realize that our conscious minds are distorted with our lies. And these constant lines that I've told so many times have become truth.
And when you buy into those superstitions you give them power over your outcomes and you've placed in your basket or the plates you stack too high. And that's enough analogy to last a lifetime we could spend together laughing at all the silly things like rain in the winter that wants to be snow or the mistake by the lake that made you have to go.
Come back when you're ready and I'll be there waiting for you to get naked and get back into bed and my arms.
When will we all wake up and realize that our conscious minds are distorted with our lies. And these constant lines that I've told so many times have become truth. When will we wake up?